The “Burton Store”

street view of Burton Store

You might wonder why the title of this blog has quotes around the name that most islanders have know and use. The reason why is that the beloved Burton Store’s actual name is Harbor Mercantile. That fun tidbit aside, everyone calls and knows the little shop as the Burton Store. The one stop shop for many has been standing since 1907 and officially opened in 1908.

For many who’ve lived on Vashon since the 80’s, Sandy Mattara was the owner and face of the place where you would run and grab you fix of candy as a kid. After 40 years Sandy finally decided to retire back in 2018 and turned the keys over to a new owner. It’s a joy to everyone who calls Vashon home that we’re lucky to have had such awesome ownership and that the business will continue.

close to original photo of Burton Store
Recent photo of Burton Store