Our menu

We offer a great selection of drinks to our customers. Below is a selection from our menu.


The Italian coffee that changed the world. Get a shot of espresso and see what our amazing coffee tastes like.

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Order a latte of your choice. The beauty of the drink we all know is the variety that this beverage provides. Come on down and

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mocha espresso

The coffee for all chocolate lovers. The drink that’s a staple throughout the year but becomes festive with just a splash of peppermint.

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black drip coffee
Drip Coffee

The classic. Simple, easy and ready when you need it. Come have a cup.

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cup of hot chocolate
Hot Chocolate

Have your kids with you? Or maybe you want a nice warm drink but you’re not a coffee person. Order a hot chocolate and be

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chilled Italian soda
Italian Soda

A drink full of flavor and pep! Get an Italian soda, with or without cream. Your choice of course.

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Come on over and see what our island has to say about our stand.

Burton Coffee

Around the Stand

The happenings around the coffee stand.

working at the stand

Working the stand

Working at the Coffee Stand making the coffee and treats that the people need.
dog visitor getting treats

Visitors of all kinds

We’re welcoming to visitors of all kinds.
charity sign at stand

Part of a bigger community

Yes, we’re the Burton Coffee Stand but we’re part of a bigger whole. We believe...
bikes next to the stand

Take a ride

Vashon is home to a lot of bicyclists. Take a ride down to the stand...

Visiting Vashon

When you're here for the coffee, be sure to make time to check out Vashon Island. You can find out what to do by checking out Explore Vashon below.

farmers market
Do Vashon

For a small town there’s a good variety of things to do. Check out what there is over at Explore Vashon.

Do Vashon
Vashon Island Lodging at The Burton Inn
Stay Vashon
Vashon Island Lodging

The best way to experience Vashon Island is to stay over. We have a ton of great options for lodging on Vashon Island. One great choice right next to the stand is the Burton Inn. 

Stay Vashon
items to buy
Shop Vashon
Shops and Stores

So you’ve come all the way to Vashon. Now you need to get a token to commemorate your journey. Investigate the options at Explore Vashon.

Shop Vashon

How to find us

Even though it's not too hard to find the stand, it can't hurt to use the power of the internet!


Contact Us

We're always available and love it when people want to check in but sometimes life gets too busy. If that's the case, drop us a line. Our Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm and Sat-Sun 8am-3pm

We’d love to hear from you!

If you need to get a hold of us, want to ask a question or anything in between, feel free to send us a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

S.Gordon Tribble
Date of visit: February 2019
“Good coffee and family. A great place for coffee…
Full Tripadvisor review here.
Chris R.
Five stars: 7/1/2019

“Great place for coffee as you are exploring the island...”
Check out the full Yelp review.

Five stars: 2019

“It’s always a wonderful social experience and something good to eat…”
Google review